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One Left!

This gift box contains 5 bars of LiElles assorted Homemade soap, 4 thirsty light blue wash clothes, 1 scrubber cloth to thoroughly clean the skin from excess dead skin cells, 1 drying dish, and 1 ceramic soap dish, all together in a great wooden container that will enhance your personal or guest bathroom. 

This box is one of many in the New LiElle line of Living Clean and Healthy by limiting the use of paper goods we are changng the way we live to help the world around us. This container is re-usable, you can interchange the washcloths with those of different colors, guests could use them to wipe their hands after washing.


Also  available to enhance this purchase are: A. 2 oz of LiElles Special Blend of Therapeutic foot & body soak created to soothe aching muscles and/ OR  B. 2.0 oz of  LiElles Special Blend Foot and Body Balm created to soothe dry cracked skin and minimize unwanted odors. Each are $5.50, and if purchased together just $10. will be added to your purchase of The Gift Thanks Box!


PLEASE NOTE! The product you receive may look slightly different than what you see in the picture, However, LiElle will assure you that the product you receive will be of their highest quality.

Give Thanks Gift Box

SKU: gvthksbx
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