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Retirement doesn’t have o be the end of your life.

One day while at work my phone rang (as usual since I work in a call center) rang and it was a guy who proceeded to tell me that he was finally retiring after working for 34 years. I congratulated him on His retirement and told him how happy I was for him. However, I noticed that he didnt appear to sound as happy as I felt he should. In fact he sounded very sad. I asked him why did He sound so sad? He told me he had no idea what he was going to do in his retirement. He said all he knew was the job he did for nearly 40 years! He shared that he was down right scared. He had to hobbies, no other outside interests and the only reason why he was retiring was because his wife urged him to so they could at least travel. I talked with him for a while, offering suggestions on what he could do, and how he could find others who were transitioning well. he sounded hopeful but not much.

After our call ended, I felt sad for him. I too am nearing the time of retirement. But the last thing I can see me experiencing is having nothing to do. I made up my mind to look for things that would occupy my mind and spirit on the next journey of my life. Well through some twists and turns in my life, I found 2 professions that I thoroughly enjoy doing. #1 I marry people, and #2 I‘m a Soap Maker! and for me it can’t get any better than that! they fulfill my passions of creating, and helping people! I speak to people about using healthier products and making better choices in the products they use. In weddings I help couples plan ceremonies that are more meaningful and represent them and their journey. I’m glad for those twists and turns because I may not have found my calling. But hey that’s how life is right?

what about you? Are you approaching that next journey in life? Or do you have some time and want to share it through volunteering. Seek and you will find is a very true statement. And whatever you are wishing for will come. Sometimes it falls right at your feet, and other times you must go looking for it. Regardless to how you find your answer, it will be worth the work. Endings can be Beginnings it’s all in how you look at it. Think Positive!

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