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Creating is Spiritual!

When you have found that thing that makes you glow, that makes you feel alive and you make it take form, that’s SPIRITUAL. Some people find it through music, others find it through dance. Whatever it is that you find that brings out that creative flow in you do it.

It is your happy place, that thing that takes you there . It is your sacred space that allows you to release the troubles of the world and gives you peace. It’s that one place where nothing and no one can deprive you of being your best self. We all have a creative self, if you feel as though you don’t, you just haven’t found it yet.

I urge you to keep looking because it’s there, maybe buried deep within, but it’s there, and worth finding.

This is what soaping is to me. I soap with the intention of peace, love, prosperity and harmony. And I focus it all into my soap and bath products. Each bar I create, each body butter, sugar scrub, calming buttee and bath bomb is created just for you with the beginning of each use. So wash yourself clean of all negativity, and start living your best life!

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